I’ve written for a range of newspapers and magazines worldwide on subjects ranging from music and travel to politics and history. A limited number of articles are available below. Please email me if you’d like to commission some work.

Selected Pieces
A Guide to the Islands of Guadeloupe for Lonely Planet
From Our Own Correspondent – talking about Xinjiang for BBC Radio 4
Lago de Yojoa – Honduras' Hidden Oasis for Lonely Planet
Ten Reasons to Visit Honduras for Lonely Planet
Secret Mexico – a guide to getting away from the crowds for The Independent
The New Hermitage Museum – a look inside the General Staff building for Lonely Planet
The Albanian Riviera – a journey through Albania's best beaches for Lonely Planet
Leipzig Beyond the Altstadt – Leipzig's less known side for Lonely Planet
Hiking in Albania's Accursed Mountains – a guide to Northern Albania's remote and extraordinary Alps for Lonely Planet
When the World Held its Breath - The Cuban missile crisis for The Times (part 1)
Thirty Minutes to Armageddon - The Cuban missile crisis for The Times (part 2)
A State of Disgrace - Georgia and the downfall of Shevardnadze for The Times
A Thawing Market - Arctic Russia profile for the Financial Times
Digable Planet: London - Music and Nightlife for Vibe Magazine
Bon Baisers de... - Moscow, St. Petersburg & Ulan Bator for Mixte Magazine
Turkmenistan - Travel in the world's oddest dictatorship for the Fortean Times
Pyongyang and the Party - North Korea by coach for Lonelyplanet.com
The Maldives High Five - Travel in the lap of luxury for The Mail
Beat the Crowds to Lviv, UKraine - Europe's next big thing for Wanderlust